Make a plan, a list, and place your quests with our tool. The tool will help you visualize the space we have.Design and make your seating plan of guests as you wish. When you are all done, you can print the plan.


In a beautiful, spacious location, in a warm and unique setting we can serve 450 guests. The space is equipped with perfectly made furniture and unique pieces that further create the magic of the restaurant. The established system of ambient lighting and decoration make you feel like in a fairy tale of your life event. The built-in heating and cooling system, as well as the air purifiers, only contribute to the beautiful ambiance offered by the restaurant.


Your safety is taken care of by a special team that offers complete security supplemented by surveillance. On the other hand, in the specially organized parking space with a capacity of 250 seats, a built-in monitoring system is installed, which further strengthens the security we offer.  


For our newlyweds or their guests, we have prepared 3 modernly furnished apartments in which they can enjoy. Perfect for relaxing, summarizing impressions and creating additional common moments.

The professionalism in the service we offer is built by the employees who are people with many years of experience and knowledge in their field. Their friendly and warm attitude towards the guests strengthens the relationship we have been building with our clients over the years. From the skilled hands of our employees you can expect only deliciously prepared food according to the latest standards.

And we do all this with great pleasure. We enjoy our work, we want to contribute to your happiness. We build our unique brand based on your positive experience with us. Therefore, we are here to create your unforgettable moments offering the best.

We are all part of nature and we should treat it with increased respect. In our restaurant we put this first. The special commitment to environmental protection is our key obligation. We carefully select the suppliers who are in charge of delivering the drinks by choosing the packaging that is reused or recycled. With respect to the food that is served, we constantly refer to its full consumption. Ultimately, based on cooperation and partnership with local farms, we store the rest and deport it to feed the cattle. And, of course, we pay attention to the decoration where we prefer natural decorations, and confetti and balloons are completely forbidden.